March 24, 2009

Green & Hot Bison Burger at Ted’s

Reviewed by Eric Barnes

 ■■■□□ 3.5/5 “More pro than con”

The bison burger is my favorite item at Ted’s Montana Grill. Bison meat stands out against ordinary beef because of its rich flavor and slightly crumbly texture. Cooked at medium-rare leaves it comfortably brown (just a little pink inside) and plenty juicy. This time I dared to order the “Green & Hot” bison burger. I also dared to get it for take-out.

The “Green & Hot” burger is topped with guacamole, jalapeños, and Monterey Jack cheese. It also comes with lettuce, tomato, and onions. I stacked it all on there, making one tall burger (see picture). Biting into it was delectable. 

However, I have three complaints. 1) The jalapeños added a distracting crunch to an otherwise chewy goodness. 2) The jalapeños didn’t add much hotness to the burger, which was disappointing. 3) Because I had it to go, the juices from the meat seeped into the bottom bun, causing it to become soggy. This would be remedied by eating it immediately in the restaurant, so I won’t count it against them.

Overall, it was a good burger, with decent accompanying french fries. Although next time, I’ll get something without the crunchy jalapeños.

(As an side, Ted’s upheld their eco-friendly policy of being a 99% plastic-free restaurant, even for take-out. Everything was packaged in paper or biodegradable material. Thanks for helping to save our planet, Ted.)