September 10, 2009

Oatmeal-Blueberry Muffin by Sweet Pea Bakery

Reviewed by Craig Dugas

■■■■■ 5/5 “Local-made Goodness”

Sweet Pea Bakery is an outstanding bake shop, emphasizing their use of local ingredients to create baked goods, pastries and desserts.  The other day, I picked up one of their oatmeal-blueberry muffins at Lil Sherpa Java in the downtown area. While this might be considered less elegant than many of their creations, it had superb flavor and mouthfeel. Although a bit crumbly, it was definitely enjoyable from top to bottom.


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September 7, 2009

Burgers at Burger Bob’s

Reviewed by Craig Dugas

■■■■ 4/5 “A downtown classic”

There’s something special about your first visit to the classic downtown burger shop, Burger Bob’s. Outside, you’re welcomed with a glowing “Sorry, we’re open” neon sign, and indoors you see the words “dishwater coffee” above the grill. Make of it what you will, but to me that means, come as you are and enjoy the food.

Although they have some interesting menu items for Bozeman, Montana (fish & chips, fried ravioli, etc), a good portion of the menu is dedicated to burger selections. Ordering a burger combo starts at $8.99, but if you show up for lunch, you’re in luck — they offer half a dozen lunch specials at just $5.99, one of which includes a burger, fries (or salad) and fountain drink. It’s the perfect size and per usual, the burger you get is pretty darned good.

Everything I tasted was pleasantly above average but not mind-blowing.. I’d have to say 4 / 5 stars for taste, service and price. Make sure to order your burger medium-well or well, as they are notorious for serving up burgers that look great on the outside but are often a bit too red on the inside for most people.


September 4, 2009

Free Barbecue at Heebs

Reviewed by Eric Barnes

■■■□□ 3 / 5 “I love Heebs”

In celebration of their grand re-opening, Heeb’s East Main Grocery is having a “celebration sale” and free barbecue (until 2:00pm today) in their parking lot. They are serving either a beer baron or hamburger, with your choice of a Reser’s macaroni or potato salad, chips and salsa, and a soda. 

After a quick wait in line, I asked for the hamburger. They had a convenient self-serve condiments bar complete with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, etc. The burger, while it’s not going to win any awards for greatness, was tasty. The lettuce and tomato were fresh and the meat was cooked well-done.

Thanks, Heebs!


September 1, 2009

Bacon Burrito at The Daily Coffee Bar on Rouse

Reviewed by Craig Dugas

 ■■■□□ 2.9/5 “OK”

The Daily Coffee Bar on Rouse is a relatively new addition to the Bozeman morning scene.  Actually, The Daily offers an extensive coffee menu (which is delicious!), a decent pastry selection, and for “real breakfast food,” the breakfast burrito.  This particular morning I opted for savory over sweet and decided to give the bacon breakfast burrito a whirl (as opposed to chorizo or vegetarian).

For 5 bucks, I was handed a small burrito that had been made earlier that morning.  The warm flour tortilla was packed with a variety of ingredients.  Eggs, bacon, black beans, and potatoes seemed to dominate what was inside, but that undoubtedly made a very dry burrito.  Since I like to try things for the first time in their standard format, I didn’t opt in for the salsa or guac on the side, but I did go hunting for salsa after the first bite.

There were very few bits of real bacon crumbled into the mixture, and that was unfortunate. On the plus side I didn’t fall in a post-breakfast coma after I was done eating. This breakfast item is just ok, nothing to shout out about from the mountain-tops, but I’d get it again if I were there and hungry in a savory sort of way.

I took a few photos of this burrito, but they’ve since been misplaced in the archives. Once they’re found, I’ll update this post.