December 23, 2009

Mexican Breakfast at Soby’s Cafe

Rating ■■□ 4.0 / 5 ”Heavy, but satisfying”

Reviewed by Eric Barnes

If you’re in the mood for a filling breakfast, head on over to Soby’s Cafe, located in the same building as Tarantino’s. They offer an interesting combination of Mexican and American food. I always go for the Breakfast Burrito. This delicious gut-bomb in disguise comes as a tortilla containing eggs, beans, hash browns and is topped with salsa, cheese and sour cream. You can request to have meat added as well. I went with bacon today, but sausage works really well too. Also, unless you’re dying of starvation, you’ll want to get the small version. “Small” must be another word for “Really Big” in Soby’s vocabulary.

The taste is excellent. The hash browns are slightly crunchy and the salsa acts as a sauce to an otherwise fairly dry burrito. In fact, there are occasional dry bites when you wish there was even more sauce. I highly recommend asking for some of their super spicy sauce (if you like spicy). Just a little dab of that here and there adds a nice kick to the flavor. 

The cost is $7.50 for the small burrito with meat. Not bad for how filling it is.

And now I’m ready for a siesta!


Rating ■■□ 3.5 / 5 ”A good way to start a lazy Sunday”

Reviewed by Matthew Johnson

Chorizo is a type of pork sausage with the distinctive flavor of smoked red peppers commonly found in Mexican cuisine, although many other variations exist in other parts of the world. Eggs are typically thin shelled ovals laid by the females of several different species, most commonly a chicken where food is concerned. Scramble them together and you get, Chorizo & Eggs!

If you’re sensitive to overwhelming flavors and mild spices, then this dish is not for you. Otherwise, you’ll greatly enjoy the taste sensation of chorizo & eggs topped with a refreshing salsa, a dollop of sour cream and cheese sprinkled over the top served with hash browns and your choice of beans. These flavors were meant to be enjoyed together, so don’t be afraid to mix things up!

A word of warning though, like most of the dishes at Soby’s, this one will stay with you the rest of the day (and maybe part of the next).


Rating ■■ 4.3 / 5 ”Happiness is a full belly”

Reviewed by Chad Coley

I have frequented Soby’s on and off throughout the years. Donna, the owner, keeps a nice atmosphere and provides very friendly service. Today, I had one of my favorite breakfast dishes: chorizo and eggs.

I held back from the much-heralded super-hot sauce since I feel this meal meets my desired spice level. My plate arrived with black beans, hash browns, and a side-plate containing a couple of tortillas. Once I dove in, I couldn’t put my fork down. Yes, I finished every delicious bite.

Oh, and one last mention: not all booths are created equal. If it isn’t too busy and you have a choice, go for the booths with the more comfy seating. Oh, and did I mention nothing on the menu is over $8.95?

Soby’s Café is located in downtown Bozeman near Rouse and Main.