May 28, 2010

Traditional Gyros at Athenas

Rating: □□□ 2.4 / 5 ”What a mess!”

On my way to get a sandwich from the Manhattan Sandwich Company in the mall, I noticed a (presumably new) gyros counter across the food court called Athenas. A warm gyros sounded nice on a cold, rainy day like today, so I ventured over and ordered a traditional gyros, with feta cheese (for an additional 75 cents). The kind gentleman behind the counter proceeded to grill a pita along with some thick slices of gryo meat taken directly from a skewer, which he then wrapped up in exchange for $7.50.

This was the messiest gyros I have ever eaten in my life. Holy cow! (I mean—holy lamb!) Even before taking it out of the bag, I regretted not getting a Manhattan sandwich. The sight was not appetizing at all (see the photo). I knew it was going to be an eat-in-the-wrapper kind of sandwich. My hands were instantly soaked with a runny tzatziki sauce. The pita bread was too small to contain all the ingredients. I lost count of how many napkins I used.

On the plus side, the taste was surprisingly good and the vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onions with a peperoncini on the side) were fresh. If you can stomach the unpleasant and unsightly mess, or if you just happen to be in the mall, then this is a good option for you. If not, there are plenty other restaurants in Bozeman to eat Greek food.


May 15, 2010

Green Curry at Lemongrass Thai

Rating: □ 4 / 5 ”Great curry at a high price”

The green curry at Lemongrass Thai has a great balance of sweetness, spiciness and curry flavor. Served with a large bowl of hot rice, the curry surrounds a mixture of carrots, zucchini, bamboo shoots and baby corn. It was a great combination of flavors, but the carrots were not cut small enough (which I only mention because you’ll be stuck trying to cut carrot with your fork, not a simple task).

Given the location, I expected Lemongrass Thai to be a casual atmosphere, but it sits somewhere between casual and fine dining. I asked the waiter if they had any specials that day and he scoffed “we don’t do that here.” That was odd, because Lemongrass Thai raves on their Facebook page about specials all the time. To be fair, he was an otherwise friendly host. 

Honestly, after eating there it seems like a place that would be a much better fit as a take-out style restaurant with more reasonable pricing. The curry was $14, which is too high to justify returning here often, but if they offered a $7 curry-to-go, I’d probably fit this meal in quite often.

Reviewed by Craig Dugas


May 14, 2010

Pizza and Sandwiches at Audrey’s Pizza Oven

Rating:  4 / 5 ”Recommended”

A few days ago I filled out a Best of Bozeman survey and I entered an old favorite restaurant for the Best Pizza entry without first having tried the new Audrey’s Pizza Oven. After visiting Audrey’s yesterday, I almost wish I could change my vote.

A co-worker and I ordered the special pizza of the day: the Rouse Street, which is their version of a meat lover’s prepared on a thin braided crust. The meats included pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon and sausage. The sausage and bacon were seasoned with freshly-ground pepper, which gave the pizza a nice extra flavor.

Despite the plentiful portions of meat and stringy cheese, the pizza wasn’t overly greasy or heavy. That was mostly thanks to the non-greasy crust, which was about as thin as you can make it and still hold all the toppings. That, and the tomato sauce was applied sparingly (which I personally like–too much sauce can be overpowering and messy).

It was a tasty pizza, but at a price: $15.50 just for the twelve-inch, which may be a concern if you have a lot of mouths to feed. For two people though, the twelve-inch was just about right.

Check out their menu.

Reviewed by Eric Barnes


Rating: □ 3.7 / 5 ”Good sandwich, but where was the adventure I was promised?”

The Italian Over The Top sandwich wasn’t really over the top of anything, but it was a good sandwich. A few layers of choice Italian meats with provolone and veggies were tucked into a roll of fresh bread that had been baked with a bit of cheese on it. The fillings were sitting on a light layer of mayo and were partially soaked with seasoned oil and vinegar.

The meats used in this sandwich were great, but the quantity of meat was less than I had expected. If I get another sandwich, I’ll probably go with the standard Italian sandwich, which is $2 less and has more intense meats and peppers. I should mention that the tag line for this item is “When you really crave a unique, amazing, satisfying, sensational, truly one-of-a-kind adventure, this is it!“, but mine was just satisfying.

We were served in a timely manner and our waitress was really quite nice. All-in-all, lunch at Audrey’s Pizza was pretty good! When I go back for dinner, I’ll definitely try the calzone (which I saw from a short distance and it looked great!).

Reviewed by Craig Dugas