September 12, 2010

BBQ at the Horny Moose

Update: The Horny Moose has since gone out of business.

Rating: □ 4.0 / 5 ”This is a review of pulled meat at the Horny Moose. Let’s keep it professional :)

Aside from the giant wooden moose that greets you at the door and friendly atmosphere at this Downtown Bozeman establishment, what makes a meal at the Horny Moose so special? Well, Horny Moose smokehouse master Tom Geer would claim that smoking the meat for wicked long hours over Minnesota apple wood and hickory makes all the difference in the world. Apparently, local BBQ competition (Bar 3, Famous Dave’s) primarily use propane and propane accessories to put the heat to the meat.

As far as the food goes, it was enjoyable. BBQ is prepared with your choice of house-made sauce, the original sauce having a very bourbon-y hint to it. The pulled pork was satisfying, but the pulled chicken was fantastic – quite moist and full of smoky aroma. 

The side of fries was great, although I found the dispersement of seasoning a bit rushed. Some areas were dense with salt, and others were unseasoned, requiring the eater to carefully choose bites. Although they weren’t bad, the onion rings were pretty stock-standard (if you want the best onion rings in town – go a few blocks west to Ted’s Montana Grill). This reviewer still prefer’s Bar 3 for pulled pork, but give the Horny Moose a try, it’s a nice addition to the Bozeman eatery options.