February 17, 2011

Seitan BBQ at Starky’s Authentic Americana


Reviewed by Craig Dugas.

■■■ 5/5 “Impressive!”

Seitan, pronounced say-tan, is a combination of high protein wheat gluten, liquid and seasonings… it’s not something that is easily found in Montana. In fact, I can’t name a single location in Bozeman, Montana that I’ve ever seen serving a seitan-based meal. Regardless, when Starky’s posted Seitan BBQ as their special on Vegetarian Night (a night where the special is dedicated to a vegetarian dish created by their in-house chef talent), my interest was captured.

I’ve had seitan quite a few times, but this was hands-down one of the (if not the) best prepared I’ve ever had. It was perfectly tender, well-seasoned and slightly charred. Served with a side of collard greens and a side of mashed potatoes, the meal was rounded out well.

Presention was nice, but in the end, taste is king, and this dish had it. I hope to see this and similar items available at Starky’s Authentic Americana in the future.