March 21, 2013

Chef’s Salad at Food For Thought Specialty Deli

■■□□□ 2/5 “They do say people think more clearly on an empty stomach”

I have mixed feelings about Food For Thought Specialty Deli. On the one hand, I’ve enjoyed meals from their catering services on numerous occasions. On the other hand, the few times I’ve been to their Bozeman deli, I’ve always been a bit underwhelmed with the portion (especially for the price).

Case in point: The Chef’s salad for $10. I’d let the photo of the 6 ounce salad speak for itself (yes, that includes the plastic bowl and dressing), but I’ll explain my thoughts on this particular meal in more detail. The assortment of greens was great. Really, they were very fresh and enjoyable mixed baby greens. But the “avocados” I read about on the large print menu didn’t quite live up to my expectations. (QUICK TEST: locate the avocados in the first photo below). As for the meat and cheese on this salad, they’re sliced deli thin and torn into tiny pieces, you can imagine from the photo that they really didn’t do much for this salad.



Did you find the avocados? They ended up being about a tablespoon of avocado mash dolloped in the center of the bowl :/

The only other thing I couldn’t quite figure out was the Green Goddess dressing that comes with the chef’s salad by default. My best guess is that they combine fresh vinegar, sour cream, something green, pepper, and healthy few glugs of club soda in a blender. Really, I can’t imagine any other ingredients put together to make the flavor that I tasted in that version of Green Goddess. Not my favorite, but I’m guessing some people might dig it.

I’ll continue to enjoy their catering services, and probably stop by the deli again to try another dish, but unless I’m looking for really light eats, it probably won’t be the chef’s salad.

Review by Craig Dugas

Address: 270 West Kagy Unit B, Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 406-587-4454

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