October 11, 2009

Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut


Rating: ■■■ 2.7 / 5 ”Death by Grease”

Reviewed by Eric Barnes

When I first heard that Pizza Hut had introduced a new stuffed crust pizza to their menu, I was excited, being a huge fan of their original stuffed crust. They call it the Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza. Their web site says it has a “ring of melty cheese stuffed deep into [a] golden crispy Pan Pizza crust”. Sounds great, but can it stand up to the original?

Upon first bite, I was greeted with the familiar crispy crunch of the deep-pan crust. Bliss. Unfortunately, I ran into the classic Pan Pizza problem: the more I ate, the more I got the uneasy feeling that the crust was more grease than bread.

That aside, I finally made it to the “stuffed crust”. The name is deceptive, because the cheese is not surrounded by a hollow shell, like the original, but rather just concentrated near the edge. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because the cheese was slightly burnt, which, when eaten together with the deep-dish crust, was actually pretty tasty.

The bad news is: one slice of this pizza with Italian sausage as a topping is 460 calories and 27 grams of fat, according to their web site. Compare that to the original stuffed crust: 390 calories and 18 grams of fat.

Looking at those numbers makes me want to stick to the original. Or start eating salads for the rest of the week. But once in a while, you just gotta eat a delicious slice of grease.

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  1. October 15, 2009
    Jane C said...

    Uh, wow… after reading that review I almost feel as though all the healthy food I ate today didn’t count. I agree though, every once in a while you have to throw caution to the wind and just eat something that is tasty & not necessarily good for you. Jay H. has convinced me that I want to try the Spectators "sauce in the crust" action. I’ll let you know.

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