May 20, 2011

Sushi at Seven, Part II


■■■■ 5/5 “Best Sushi in Bozeman”

We’ve been to Seven Sushi quite a few times, as the mere number of photos above can attest. It’s a bold (and I’m sure debatable) statement, but Seven has the best sushi in Bozeman. While this claim is certainly based on personal opinion, it is also backed by continuous experiences of friendly service, a modern and comfortable dining area, beautiful sushi presentation, fresh ingredients and out-of-this-world taste.

While I won’t go through all of the rolls shown in the photos, I will mention a few highlights. South by Southwest is a flash fried roll containing yellowtail and jalapeños. It’s not too spicy, but bursting with flavor. If you want something spicier, The Hammer is a good choice. It’s served with a spicy chili sauce and jalapeños on top. The Dancing Eel is another favorite: shrimp tempura with cream cheese topped with eel and avocado. It’s drizzled in a sweet-and-salty eel sauce. The Hosomaki provide simpler (and surprisingly just as tasty) thin rolls of fish and vegetable. Seven also provides a great deal of other options, including a must-try miso soup.

I could go on, but really, if you haven’t tried Seven Sushi yet, you should definitely check it out.

Reviewed by Eric Barnes

May 17, 2011

Sushi at Seven


  4.6/5 “A great addition to Bozeman’s sushi offerings!”

Taste of Bozeman welcomes it’s second “official” sushi restaurant to town, Seven. We’ve told you about Dave’s Sushi before, but Seven has a much different feel to it, and a great selection of sushi.

Seven feels a bit classier than Dave’s Sushi, and offers a decent variety of options at standard Montana sushi prices. To test the waters, I ordered a simple nori roll and a specialty roll, the Ziggy Stardust.

While the nori roll was average (very average, actually), the specialty roll was over-the-top delicious. The Ziggy Stardust was coated in coconut flakes, lightly fried, and drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. It did not require soy sauce or wasabi, and was one of the best rolls I’ve eaten in Bozeman. Oh, and they also put cucumber slices in the ice water… just thought I would mention that :-)

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Reviewed by Craig Dugas.

Don’t forget, you can get sushi at a few other restaurants in town, such as Watanabe on West Main, I-Ho’s Korean Restaurant near the university or Louie’s Down Under on East Main Street.


January 15, 2009

Sushi at Dave’s Sushi

Rating: ■■■■□ 4/5 “Tasty”

Reviewed by Craig Dugas. 

Matthew, Eric and I ventured over to Dave’s Sushi for lunch today.  Sure, the place smelled fishy and the water was terrible, but the sushi was great!  Fresh, made-to-order sushi rolls can be difficult to beat, probably because they’re so unique.  I was slightly disappointed that our caterpillar roll did not have carrot antennae poking out the front, but that was forgivable since it was such a treat.  From the selections (which were custom-picked by our guide, Matthew), my favorites went in this order, starting with the best: Phily, Caterpillar, Smoked Salmon, California – although they were all quite good.


Rating: ■■■■□ 4.5/5 “Very Tasty” 

Reviewed by Eric Barnes.

I am in total agreement with Craig’s review. The only thing I would change is the order of favorites: I would swap the Philly for the Caterpillar. 

The Caterpillar had a sweet eel sauce that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. We asked our waiter how the sauce is made. Although he was reluctant to reveal Dave’s top secret recipe, he did say that the sauce is created by “boiling the crap out of an eel’s carcass” and then “adding a ton of brown sugar”.

Along with some wasabi and a small side of pickled ginger, it was a great meal that I can’t wait to have again.


Rating: ■■■■□ 4/5 “I’ll Be Back”


Reviewed by Matthew Johnson.

There are a handful of places to get sushi in Bozeman, but Dave’s Sushi has always been my favorite.  I like the cozy small-house-converted-to-restaurant feel.  I like seeing the sushi chefs working behind the counter.  I even like the authenticity provided by the “fishy” smell.  As for the sushi itself, Dave’s provides all the standard sushi selections such as the California and Yellowtail Rolls.  Where it’s really at is the specialty rolls such as the Caterpillar – avocado, eel, and various other delectables tightly packed in to bite-sized slices of tasty goodness and drizzled with eel sauce.  I do have to say however, Dave’s Sushi has the worst drinking water in town. My advice, skip the water and go strait for the Sake! My preferences for this selection: Caterpillar, Philly, Smoked Salmon, California.